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145 Harley Street


T: 0203 219 3524
F: 0203 219 3236

Prokar Dasgupta

"When diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had to make a choice of what type of treatment I had & where. All the options are very compelling but, in the end, I asked Professor Dasgupta at the London Clinic how do I make my choice? His answer was very simple " look your consultant in the eye and see who you trust most". I did that and chose robotic surgery in the very skilful hands of the Professor. I have not looked back; my cancer was removed and I continue to have a zero PSA reading after 3 years"

- Satisfied Patient

"I always had complete confidence in Professor Dasgupta after tests diagnosing me with prostate cancer. The Professor was always clear in the different ways forward, helpful and re assuring. I decided to have robotic surgery at the London Clinic. I am very grateful indeed to the Professor and all his colleagues at the London Clinic for the wonderful care given to me at all stages before, during and after the surgery."

- Satisfied Patient

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