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  • Prokar Dasgupta

It is safe to treat a bladder tumour and an enlarged prostate at the same time

Most patients with bladder tumours present with blood in their urine. We usually arrange urine and blood tests, a special CT scan and a telescopic examination of bladder which is also called a cystoscopy.

Bladder tumours usually look like small polyps. The next step is to remove these polyps with a little telescope inserted through the water pipe and to send it for a biopsy. In men these bladder tumours are often associated with enlarged prostate glands.

Thus far doctors have been unkeen to remove the bladder tumours and shave the inside of the prostate at the same time for fear of seeding cancer cells. Until now!

A study of over 700 men has shown that not only is it safe to treat the bladder tumours (TURBT) and shave the prostate (TURP) at the same time with a telescope, but the chance of the bladder cancer returning is actually lesser. This is excellent news for our patients where both the bladder and enlarged prostate can be treated at the same time. A great example of evidence based surgery rather than fiction!

Here is the original paper if you are interested to learn more…

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