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The iTind is a temporary implanted Nitinol Device designed to provide long-lasting relief of BPH symptoms through a short procedure. The device is implanted for 5 days and reshapes the prostatic urethra and creates new channels through which urine can flow. There is no resection, cutting or heating if prostate tissue.

The iTind is implanted into your urethra for five to seven days, and works by expanding and exerting pressure on three specific positions within your prostatic urethra.

This continuous pressure creates three new channels for your urine flow, helping to relieve you from the unpleasant symptoms.

The procedure is performed under a light sedation, or local anaesthetic, and takes as little as five minutes. The iTind device is then removed after five to seven days.

The London Clinic, is the first private hospital in the UK to offer iTind treatment; an innovative, temporary medical implant that can provide you with long-lasting relief from BPH side effects.

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